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The list is short - I'll be adding more when I find time!

  • Tutorial: Batch Image Resizing Using FastStone

    Should I Get Photoshop OR Lightroom OR ???

    Well, it depends. You can even forget either and start with a free editor; some are surprisingly versatile.

    Adobe Photoshop: if you feel somewhere inside you're going to get --deep-- into post-processing, and you love the idea of working on images on your PC. An investment - in time and money.

    Photoshop Elements, is not expensive at all. Even less than Lightroom. And it lets you learn in 3 stages of interface, beginner to advanced.

    Adobe Lightroom: if you're more into organizing your shots, and doing some general post-processing. Mid-priced, and very popular with amateur photographers, so you'll have lots of people to talk to re: tips and tricks.

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