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F/1.0 Personalized Training - Photography Mastery Class - contact me directly.

For more information on mentoring or register for a workshop, contact me.

Photography Workshops

Attendance is limited so that I can give personal attention to everyone.

Latest Workshops:

2013 - present
July, 2012 Shoot Black & White Like A Pro
June, 2012 Camera Controls Workshop
Jan, 2012 The 4th Dimension: Ultra-long Exposures
Dec, 2011 Explore Filtered Black & White
Nov, 2011 Portraits In Natural Light
Oct, 2011 Composition - Fall Colours In High Park
Aug, 2011 Qualities of Light
Aug, 2011 Discover Your Best Photography, Break Old Habits
June, 2011 Learn About The Idea Of 'Creative Illusion'
June, 2011 Camera Control Workshop

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